Supernatural Chinatown

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A special lecture/lunch/walking tour package in Chicago's exotic Chinatown...Local Ghost stories, magical customs, "Feng Shui" (The Ancient Practice of Geomancy) and more!


11:30 am - Meet at Triple Crown Restaurant (where the locals eat) at 2217 S. Wentworth. Take in a lecture on Chinese magical beliefs (including material gathered on Crowe's trip to Hong Kong, Macau and south China), as well as what secrets Chicago's Chinatown has to offer. The Triple Crown Restaurant itself is ghost-proof due to feng shui!

12:15 to 1:15 pm - Dine family style on an elaborate luncheon of egg roll, sweet & sour pork, beef with mixed vegetables, chicken with black bean and garlic sauce, combination young chow fried rice, shrimp chow mein, tea and cookies.

1:15 to approximately 2:30 pm - The walking tour of Chinatown to various supernatural locations. We will see Feng Shui practiced in the neighborhood, and explore shops where ginseng, rare teas, ba-gua mirrors, foo dogs, fertility statues and much more can be purchased.\

We'll see landmarks such as the On Long Building (formerly Chinatown City Hall) and the Chinatown Arch, a haunted funeral home and more.

This program is offered exclusively by Chicago's famous Ghost Hunter, Richard T. Crowe. Tickets are limited, so ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment.

Bring cameras for unique photo opportunities - you may just photograph a ghost!

Next Available Dates TBA:


Additional dates to be announced. Call if needed: 708-499-0300


Per person only $35 (includes lunch with tax, tip and gratuity). ALL SALES FINAL. 

Special instructions:  

Click here for group discounts and private packages. Use street parking or the pay lot at 22nd & Wentworth, one half block away from restaurant.  (Please bring the parking ticket to the restaurant for validation.)


Make checks payable to:   Richard T. Crowe, PO Box 557544, Chicago, Illinois 60655-7544

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Please feel free to contact us at POBox 557544, Chicago, Illinois   60655-7544.  Get tickets by mail only if necessary - it's much safer to order by phone using a credit card. Give us a call at 708-499-0300 for further information regarding present & upcoming tours and our special HALLOWE'EN celebration!

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To maintain quality control, I do not do electronic ticketing. Call during work hours and talk to a live person.

If you mail in your order, please include a daytime phone number, in case questions arise.


- Richard Crowe