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To answer the demand for a Supernatural Tour that involves more time in socializing and beverages and food, the SUPERNATURAL PUB CRAWL was created as a special private tour.

 A typical pub crawl involves only FOUR featured locations with extra quality time at each. Less traveling that a standard Supernatural bus tour, more time off the coach at interactive/socializing events involving haunted/cursed/supernatural locales. Storytelling between stops gives you the background legends and history. Tours include handouts and prizes. No covers, no overpriced bars. Just great local color and super photo ops!

 Tours are four hours in length with one stop per hour average with an average of 15 minutes drive-time between stops. 7PM to 11PM is the most popular time, but other times can be arranged to fit corporate needs, etc. (If you are picking up outside the core Metro area, total event length to accommodate extra drive time can be stretched to five hours at no additional cost.)

 Tours are put together to compliment your group and depend on which pubs/eateries are available on the night you select.

 Among popular sites currently being used are:

skullclear.gif (487 bytes) The Red Lion Pub (Lakeview). Chicago’s #1 haunted pub, a British pub with a complete line of ales, ciders, Scotches, phantom footsteps, etc.

skullclear.gif (487 bytes) The Billy Goat Bar & Grill ( Lower Michigan at Hubbard). Cheeseburgers a la “Saturday Night Live” and old time journalist bar and hangout. Plenty of 1945 Curse on the Chicago Cubs memorabilia on display. The ghost of columnist Mike Royko still returns to drink in the “Wise Guys Corner.”

skullclear.gif (487 bytes)  Coogan’s Riverside Saloon (Loop). A modern bar and restaurant with wonderful old woodwork and an antique feel. Super appetizers and drink specials. A former artists co-op, in the 1970s Mayor Richard J. Daley and City Hall feuded with this building’s owner who now haunts the party room to the left behind the main bar (her former office.)

skullclear.gif (487 bytes)   Bar Louie Taylor (Little Italy ). On a dark and lonely section of Taylor Street is this Bar Louie with great pub appetizers and drinks (specials regularly offered).  This is the heart of the area where the “Devil Baby of Taylor Street” legend originated in 1913 and still maintains an early and eerie Chicago feel.

  skullclear.gif (487 bytes)    May Flower Restaurant ( Chinatown ). Appetizers, full menu, and bar that  features “umbrella” drinks, facing the most haunted block in Chicago --  22nd Place . But do not fear! Feng shui items will protect us from hungry ghosts, fox ladies, or other far eastern spirit denizens while we party.

 skullclear.gif (487 bytes)    Ethyl’s Party ( 26th Street ). The original Colletta’s Funeral Home is now  a gangster-lore infested neighborhood bar complete with ghosts where the caskets were formerly arranged for viewing. This site was featured on a “Jenny Jones Show”  haunted segment.

skullclear.gif (487 bytes) Clark Bar (Lincoln Park). Next to the haunted St. Valentine’s Day Massacre site with pool tables and a mural wall-size photo of the crime scene!

skullclear.gif (487 bytes) Royal Dragon Restaurant ( Chinatown ). Appetizers and a full bar facing the most haunted block in Chicago – 22nd Place. Do not fear! a feng shui spirit wall protects us!


 This tour is available for private events only. Please check for difference size coaches and pricing. Please click here to view special Pub Crawl Rules.

 Great for bachelor / bachelorette, surprise & birthday parties, retirement send-offs, or corporate incentives


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Please feel free to contact us at POBox 557544, Chicago, Illinois   60655-7544.  Get tickets by mail only if necessary - it's much safer to order by phone using a credit card. Give us a call at 708-499-0300 for further information regarding present & upcoming tours and our special HALLOWE'EN celebration!

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