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The Perfect Activity for Small Groups

Do you want a ghostly activity around Metro Chicago but need a date that has no public event and your group is too small for a private tour?

The GHOSTLY GOURMET is your answer!

Have a private lunch or dinner party with ghosthunter Richard T. Crowe at a genuine haunted location in Chicagoland. For two hours (approximately) you can dine and drink as Crowe explains the significance of your site (as well as nearby legends and tales) in a cozy and intimate atmosphere. When available, meet staff or owners who can tell of their unique situations and experiences.

Honorarium for Richard Crowe as host and story teller is only $150 for groups of six or less, $200 for groups of seven to twelve (For groups of  over twelve, please inquire). Your menu selections, drink orders and gratuities are not included.

This package is NOT always available at peak times like October and November (i.e.. Near Halloween!) and usually not on a Friday or Saturday night. But please ask to make sure.  

A Chicago Supernatural Tour gives you a great overview of the Metro area, but to really “feel” the possibilities, try the Ghostly Gourmet!!


Downtown --

BAR LOUIE (Randolph), 741 W. Randolph St., Chicago, IL 60661
(Classic American)

The famous steakhouse Barney's Market Club formerly occupied this space. Although Barney died years back, he refuses to leave. New owners and new restaurant styles cannot banish Barney, who is known to haunt the site, in particular the men's restroom! This space sits about midway between the 1886 Haymarket Riot location and the very haunted Harpo Studios of Oprah Winfrey.

Street parking and parking along the north side of the building.


Near Southside/Chinatown –

MAY FLOWER RESTAURANT, 2225 S. Wentworth Ave., Chicago, IL 60616
(Classic Chinese food, full bar, etc.)

This restaurant faces the most haunted block in Chicago – 22nd Place . Asian spirits travel in straight lines,  but don’t fret! A  feng shui “spirit wall” is in place to keep pesky ghosts, vampires, werewolves, fox ladies, and other denizens of bewitchment outside. Feng Shui layout. More on this area can be found in Richard Crowe’s book.

Street parking/pay lot at Cermak & Wentworth (parking discount stamp available at  restaurant)/ Chinatown Elevated train station.

And --

EMPEROR’S CHOICE, 2238 S. Wentworth Ave. , Chicago , IL 60616
(Famous Chinese seafood dishes, full bar, etc., )

This building was formerly the Ling Long Museum and boasts an ornamental fašade equal to the On Leong Tong building down the street. It is next  to the only funeral home in old Chinatown , Bowman’s. A classic “wall of souls” inside the restaurant is because of the proximity to the dead next door. Feng Shui layout.

Street parking/pay lot at Cermak & Wentworth (parking discount stamp available at restaurant)/Chinatown Red Line Elevated train station/taxis.


West Suburbs 

COUNTRY HOUSE RESTAURANT, 241 W. 55th St. , Clarendon Hills , IL 60514
(Voted best burger in Metro Chicago, steaks, seafood, full bar with many import beers, etc.)

The most romantic restaurant in DuPage County is also the most haunted! Since the mid-1970s this rustic, aptly named eatery has been a favorite with those looking for a hearty meal - or ghosts! Richard Crowe met owner David Regnery just as he was opening the location after extensive rehabbing (it was originally  a World War I era road house, then a grocery store and bar) and followed the ghostly discoveries over the years. While filming a documentary there one night, the ghostly loud foot-stomping abruptly disrupted the interview. Two psychics visiting the restaurant with Crowe one evening described the ghost’s origins as stemming from a 1950s lover’s spat and car crash nearby. David Regnery later received confirmation of the incident from the owner at the time. Psychic events are commonplace, often auditory, and have taken place to Crowe’s patrons on a number of visits. Full details can be found in both Richard Crowe’s book and video.

Parking lot. Restaurant just west of Route 83 on 55th Street .


 If you prefer a special location – upscale, steak house, etc. --  that may not be haunted, but has a old world, cozy  feel to it, please inquire.

Richard Crowe is always available for storytelling and entertaining at YOUR restaurant for various events, just ask.

INQUIRIES—708-499-0300 days.

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