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The Halloween season is definitely not the only time to think ghosts and the paranormal around Chicagoland. Just in case you need prompting, here is just a start ---


New Year’s Day. The symbolic start of a new beginning.
Al Capone’s birthday is 1/17/1899 . His date of death is 1/25/47 . “Scareface” and his minions have left an extensive ghostly legacy.
Chinese New Year/the Lunar New Year/Tet  falls in mid Jan. to mid  Feb.


Groundhog Day (Pagan Candlemas holiday) A witches’ holiday. Actress Heather O’Rourke of Poltergeist died mysteriously on the eve of this pagan date, a victim to the Streeterville Curse?
Lincoln ’s birthday is 2/12/1809 (great for Lincoln ghostlore)  
The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre 2/14/29 . Gangster ghosts galore!


Clarence Darrow, celebrated attorney, died 3/13/38 and promised to  return from the dead on this anniversary ( at the Museum of Science & Industry.)  
St. Patrick’s Day is 3/17 (great for Irish folklore.)  
St. Joseph
’s Day is 3/19 (great for Polish & Italian folklore.)


The Ides of April is 4/15. Day of Evil! IRS Day, Titanic sinks 4/15/12 , Lincoln dies 4/15/1865 .
Walpurgisnacht (St. Walpurgis Day), the Eve of Beltane is 4/30 (German & Central European witches’ and supernatural night.). Half-way to Halloween! Casey Jones, railroad engineer, takes his “trip to the promised land” in fabled wreck 4/30/1900 . Hitler disappears 4/30/45. Saigon falls 4/30/75 . In 1985 Chicago ’s American Furniture Mart (“Satan’s Skyscraper”) changes its address from 666 to 680 N. Lake Shore Drive .


Mayday is 5/1. The witches’ sabbat, Beltane. 
Memorial Day Weekend Crash of Flight 191. On 5/25/79 an American Airlines DC-10 crashes at O’Hare Airport killing 271 on board and 2 on the ground. Our nation’s worst air disaster (barring 9-11). Much ghostlore and folklore involving this event.


“666” date. 6th hour of the 6th day or the 6th month. The Book of Revelation’s Mark of the Beast! The Anti-Christ! The “Longest Day” of WWII.
St.John’s Eve is 6/23, the eve of the celebration of the birth of John the Baptist and half-way to Christmas. Often called Bonfire Night, this holiday from pagan days was celebrated across ancient Europe from Ireland to Russia . In Eire , the Fey Queen Aine was honored in Limerick at her fairy hill, while in Germany , Poland and Russia , witches’ covens gathered on bald mountain tops. The classical music piece Night on Bald Mountain is based on such beliefs. In New Orleans , voodoo ceremonies are held on the Bayou St. John on this feastday. 


John Dillinger, bankrobber and outlaw, shot at Biograph Theatre on 7/22/34

Eastland excursion boat capsizes in Chicago River . 835 dead on 7/24/15. The deadliest disaster in Metro history.


In Japan & other far eastern countries, ghost stories are told to “chill the blood” during summer. “Hungry ghosts” prowl Asia & Asian communities if not bought off by symbolic gifts and rituals.


Prime Halloween Time : Labor Day to Thanksgiving.

Backwards Halloween is 10/13 (31 backwards is 13). Goth holiday.

Devils’ Night is 10/30. Eve of Halloween. Night Detroit used to burn annually.

HALLOWEEN is 10/31. The greatest holiday of the supernatural.


All Saints’ Day is 11/1. Honoring the sanctified dead.
All Souls’ Day is 11/2. Remembering ALL the dead who have gone before.



The Christmas season is the tradition time in the British Isles to tell ghost stories. Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol with its various Christmas ghosts is but one example of a classic holiday ghost story. (VERY popular with libraries.)

Chicago remembers its Christmases past particularly  with the saga of the lost schooner (now a ghost ship), Rouse Simmons, which sank in Lake Michigan carrying a cargo of yule trees for this city in 1913.
Our own Lake Michigan Flying Dutchman, in recent years the story of this doomed voyage has been celebrated in a ballad and a full-length musical production.
CHRISTMAS is 12/25. Those born on Christmas day can become werewolves.

The mysterious double murder of Barbara and Patricia Grimes, the “Grimes Girls” case, occurred on 12/28/56 . This still unsolved multiple homicide launched half a century’s worth of ghost tales and legends.
The Iroquois Theater Fire was on 12/30/1903 . A staggering 601 perish during  a holiday season matinee performance  of Bluebeard  in downtown Chicago . The second deadliest disaster in this city’s history.
New Year’s Eve is 12/31 A time of contemplation and prediction. What will the new year bring? Tragedy or Hope? A new beginning or retreat into chaos?  A time for fortune telling, prediction and psychic intuition. Have a toast at midnight to welcome the changing times.


Now that you see the many possibilities for your event – tour, cruise or lecture – call me ASAP to reserve your choice date.  Thanks for your patronage!    

 -- Richard T. Crowe   --  708-499-0300 days

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